Continue G$ NFT compaign in conjunction with Artrific

Good day. :grinning: I was and eager and participant in the Unlock the Power of G$ on Artrific
I am looking to show my continued appreciation of the opportunity to help promote G$ fuse NFTs and Artrific. Artrific - Your own unique NFTs
All proceeds from my collection Yetti, have been added to the G$/Fuse LP and farm on
rewards from this are dropped weekly to a Yetti holder.
I feel like i can be doing more for both G$ , Artrific and Fuse network NFTs artists.
I have created a Gnosis safe on Fuse network
Those not familiar with Gnosis safes can read up on it here:
Gnosis Safe Multisig Live on Fuse | by Fuse | Fuse | Medium
The idea behind Gnosis is that funds are controlled by multiple people, all transactions made from the safe take the โ€˜signingโ€™ of at least 2 people.
3 of us that are looking to help promote Fuse network NFT projects have come together and added 100 fuse each. The funds added will be used as a weekly reward for a social promotion campaign we will be running on Twitter. To start this will run 10 weeks.
Participants will have to complete simple tasks. We are trying to build a network of users, that will help make Fuse the network, Artrific the venue, and G$ the currency for new and existing NFT projects.
I am looking for more people who would be willing and able to be part of this endeavor.
Our goal is to have the weekly reward be at least 50 fuse. ($4.00 at current prices).
if you are interested in contributing or participating in any way, please feel free to reach out to me via Telegram app. Telegram: Contact @Adam1schuler


I think this is super interesting!

There will be a call on the #goodNFTs Discord channel for NFT creators (And for those who want to be creators, f course!) soon, and i would be great to have you there and explain more about this!

Your support to the Artrific Gooddollar initiative was fantastic. Thanks a lot for that.


I would like to join

iโ€™m join,we will to work in china about gooddollar

promotion is live,
if you are entering please make sure to follow all rules/requirements for entry

Good LUCK :grimacing:

Iโ€™ve shared it on the #GoodNFTs Discord channel :slightly_smiling_face:

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