G$ ambassador payments

Giving payments to ambassadors has been difficult. I propose that we simply give active G$ ambassadors 1000G$ a month, every month for their participation as ambassadors. In order to be considered active ambassadors, ambassadors should post at least once a month in the G$ ambassadors telegram. This will make payments easier and everyone can do their part for G$.

There are some ambassadors that are committed to the cause. There are people who are doing more than you know. And they deserve to be rewarded for their works according to the discretion of the core team mot 1000G$

how much do you propose? I am an ambassador as well. 10kG$/month?

I am not proposing a particular amount. I want a well structured ambassador program and i think the team is working on that already. They said that on the last call. I also feel inactive ambassadors should be removed

Historically ambassador payments are not given on time in a transparent manner. This specific monthly amount would streamline the process and make it easier. I agree that you are correct in stating that inactive ambassadors should lose their ambassadorship.

Without a doubt, the GoodDollar Ambassador program needs re-definement. As the community of dedicated ambassadors bringing GoodDollar utility and education to local communities and digital communities around the world grows, it is increasingly important to provide clarity on payment processes, amounts, opportunities, roles and responsibilities, and expectations.

To date, GoodDollar has about 30 paid active ambassadors earning 500,000-700,000 G$ a month. The expectations of this ambassador role is based on the activities listed in this program, which was published at the beginning of 2022 here.

Current ambassador payments work as follows: at the end of the month, GoodDollar team shares a Typeform to ambassador (1 per active ‘squad’ or solo) to complete with feedback, metrics and growth. After the GoodDollar team reviews the submissions and verifies the work has been completed, payments are made from the GoodDollar Community Safe multi-sig wallet.

This process is more often than not delayed not (just) because of the payment infrastructure, but because of the lack of clarity around the process, the ambassadors, and the new budget allocation that recently changed (communicated to the GoodDollar community + ambassadors in the August 2, 2022 community call)

I would love to hear others thoughts about better managing (timely!) payments, fair-er rewards systems, and other improvements for the program as we continue refining it.

Also, I am actively looking to recruit an Ambassador to help with the monthly process of payments, which includes:

  • Share monthly reminders to ambassadors to complete monthly blog or video summary (template )
  • Build better payment processes: (i.e. exploring https://www.request.finance/)
  • Compile a monthly report for the GoodDollar community with all ambassador activity
  • Help onboard new ambassadors
  • Share the latest content, news, resources + guides for ambassadors
  • Serve as the main contact person for the ambassador community

This is a part-time community role, that will require an estimated 10 hours/week. Monthly compensation for this role is 500,000 G$ per month. If anyone is interested, please let me know!


I am interested in this position.

Promoting GoodDollar is not like you are promoting your NFT, lol
some ambassadors have their own budget, especially if there is a team that helps and needs to pay for other work, you need to take a deeper look at what the ambassador’s work is that is reported every month

@jessica you just need some other active team to help you, everything will work quickly, speaking of payments for ambassadors, it seems there was no payment for last august so me and the team will reduce the work costing for this month, thanks for talking about it’s here

Well, this will not only bring clarity but an end to the negative comments concerning The monthly rewards, You sure could use a hand. You are in a better position to choose a credible person for this position, thanks for putting this up for individual thoughts on it, it’s what decentralization is all about.

I’m interesting too 🙋

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Love seeing the community engaging here :slight_smile:

I would like to clarify that this kind of debates should be tag in a different category that “governance proposals” in order to keep some order in the forum.

Given that this is more of an idea than a formal proposal (more developed in accordance with the GIP-0 standard), but also because the DAO is not involved in the ambassador program (yet). Thanks @jessica for explaining how the ambassador program currently works.

I’ve just created the category Community Ideas that we can use to have this kind of debates and seek feedback from the community. I’m sure that some of these ideas would become proposals. As a Discourse admin I’m gonna move this discussion to this new category. Do you agree @nftartist2021 ?

Also, I would like to use this opportunity to clarify that so far the DAO funds have only been used to pay for the community moderators, who have been elected from the DAO. As we continue to work on the way of decentralization, I’m sure we are going to see more roles hired from the DAO.