GoodDollar Academy "Module 1"

Exciting news, Gooddollar Community!

We’re thrilled to present our first Gooddollar Academy post: What is Money? :moneybag:

This post delves into the fundamentals of money, exploring its origins, functions, and significance in our daily lives. As we navigate the world of crypto and digital currencies, understanding the core principles of money is essential.
Here’s a sneak peek into what you’ll learn:

-The history of money and its evolution
-Key functions of money, including medium of exchange, store of value, and more
-How money impacts our lives and the economy.

Ready to dive in and expand your knowledge? Click the link below to read the full post on Medium:


Stay tuned for more enlightening content from the Gooddollar Crypto Academy, designed to empower our community with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the digital economy.
Happy reading! :books:


I wrote a whole course about the origins of money and how we evolved from barter systems to the gold standard to fiat money. It’s about an hour long and I’d be more than happy to translate to English and share with this community. HMU if interested