GoodDollar AMA Announcement 📣

Join us for a GoodDollar Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Saturday, May 11th at 3pm UTC. Our Moderators will be available to answer your questions and provide insights into the basics of the GoodDollar project, its products, and its prospects for the future.

Learn more about how GoodDollar is using blockchain technology to promote financial inclusion and close the global wealth gap.

Location Details:

Gooddollar Telegram: Telegram: Contact @GoodDollarX

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Is there a replay or a summary of what was asked/answered?

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We will keep record of that in our subsequent sessions.

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How can we withdraw in to our account

Keep focused we are coming to explain in details

Please you can withdraw by sending to another wallet like trustwallet, metamask or valora
And please here is the telegram group link so that you can ask more questions Telegram: Contact @GoodDollarX