"Happy New Month"

Hello GoodDollar Community!

Happy New Month to you all! We are delighted to start this month with you and thrilled to share more opportunities, experiences, and growth with you.

We hope that this month brings you joy, success, and new experiences that will enrich your lives.

Thank you for being part of our community, and we look forward to many more prosperous months together.

Stay happy, stay prosperous, and stay engaged with GoodDollar! :hugs:


Hi team,
that is a very happy welcome to the new month. :slight_smile:
For my engagement it would really help if Good Labs would update us on restoring the GoodDollar reserve. Maybe I missed something, but it’s been really quiet on the repair process since the exploit half a year ago. Can you get us an update on the state of affairs?
That would be great.


Hey, we know low liquidity around G$ has created issues for the community, the redeployment of the Protocol has been covered in April’s community call, and the working group projected, a new version of the protocol will be deployed in Q3. Keep patience as great things are around the corner :clap:

I surely hope so. Gooddollar is the most promising UBI around. All other crypto UBI initiatives of the past few years have failed by now. It would be a real shame if that happens to Gooddollar too. But I am a bit afraid for that with all those failed UBI’s in mind and complete silence on the restoration progress.

We are on hold for half a year now and completely in the dark about the progress of restoring the system. I haven’t attended that community call. It would really help to have some sort of progress report now and than to keep the spirit alive. Or any other form of communication on the restoration progress.

I really do hope they get things going again. Can’t wait for Q3. Fingers crossed.

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