Add $G to a CEX

Add $G to at least one CEX like Huobi, where many new cryptos are listed. In order to awaken the interest of other CEXs and encourage them to list it as well. We have a good number of users who support us.

It implies use funds from GoodDao to pay the adding to a CEX. That’s why it’s a Governance Proposal.

These are some of the CEXs listing application links:

Huobi: - Token Listing Application | HTX

Binance: Binance Listing | How to List Your Coins on Binance | Binance Support

According to some comments at Internet, these are the easiest listing to be accepted:

Coinsbit: Coinsbit


Kucoin: Crypto Exchange | Bitcoin Exchange | Bitcoin Trading | KuCoin


Hi @rockcesar, thanks for raising this for discussion.

Listing on a CEX is not as simple as one might think. This is not a matter of not knowing how to reach the exchanges or not haven taken it into consideration. The fee payment is only but a tiny part of a bureaucratic process and of a series milestones to reach prior to even starting the application process.

FYI, however, I have recently submitted GoodDollar to KuCoin Labs in hopes for a grant and some support on our Liquidity Roadmap. I am waiting for a response, but not exactly hopeful it will be a positive one.

Just to get your take, what is the end result you expect from an exchange listing?


Hello Patricia @pedrosa.eth . That’s good to know your work on this matter, and thank you for that!.

By listing in a CEX, I expect to reach to more population, beyond of the $G claimers who are doing it by will. In case of listing, people who don’t claim $G, but want to buy as an investment, will invest. In a simple way, the process of investment could be only to buy the coin for personal purpose. And as we have seen in previous projects, when much people buy, the price rise!.

I know it isn’t easy to list, I have met some projects who wait years for CEX process to get listed on it :S. But it’s a good start.


we all wait for this day, it will be a good idea i swear

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