Borrow against gooddollars

There has to be a way to Borrow against gooddollars. This can be a revenue source for the gooddollar reserve funds or other funds they have.


Hello! Kindly read the GIP 0 before making proposal. Follow the rules governing the GoodDAO.

hey @oliver18754

first, thanks for participating here, but please note you are in the Governance Proposal category, so as Steve is pointing out, we’d expect to use this for compelling governance proposals.

Note that Discourse is for having discussions with clear arguments, motivation and explanations, if you want to further explain your proposal on why borrowing gooddollars would be good for our economy and present examples or solutions on how to do it, you can discuss it here, but for the moment this seems to me more like an Token & Economy category rather than a governance one.

Instead, if you are looking for a “casual” discussion about your idea, I’d suggest to go first at the governance channel in discord.

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that is a great idea please come up with a solution.

I support this proposal. Revolutions in general have not paid enough attention to economics, so thank you for bringing this up.