Create a document like W-8BEN to avoid double taxation


Is it possible to create some kind of document for crypto, in our case for $G, like the W-8BEN, in which taxes paid in $G: 0.01 $G, for example, can be taken as an international tax and avoid double taxation, like the W-8BEN does?. In that case we would not need to pay taxes in our countries, since we pay 0.01 $G as taxes for each transaction. That could be an innovation in cryptocurrencies. And it would be a starting point for legislation for other cryptos worldwide. The link in this proposal is the W-8BEN, an agreement to avoid double taxation between the USA and Venezuela, and other countries.

Cryptos want us to pay 0.01 $G, a fixed value, Governments want us to pay percentages, two different point of views. What I propose is to choose 0.01 $G as definitive tax. And do an international document for it. Some government will back that document others won’t do it.

In the style of W-8BEN.

Just to mention a possible case of use, the one who have to pay taxes to Government are the Nodes. The users already paid taxes to Nodes.

For example, if the tax of transaction was 0.01 $G, then 0.007 $G to the Node and 0.003 $G to the Government, automatically. Those 0.003 $G are for the jurisdiction where is the node, and it isn’t paid again.

But currently everyone are paying to government the same percentage, for the same transaction.

In case of Cryptos, the government is a DAO, then the DAO has to release the W-8BEN kind of document. Nodes could pay taxes to the DAO and then DAO tell to other Governments that the tax was paid. Then we don’t have to pay again the taxes related to that crypto.

In another case of use, the taxes could be charged by GoodDollar app, on each transaction and the DAO stablish connection with the transaction origin Government and pay taxes, then the Government release the W-8BEN related documents.


More info about double taxation agreement between governments:

PDF of current agreement between USA and Venezuela:

I guess this is a task for more in the future, because currently none crypto does it, but in the future we will have to do something with double taxation.