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With the approval of the DAO, the idea would be to create an official local Gooddollar marketplace on social networks for the purchase and sale of secondhand products, managed by a DAO member as a requirement to be an official local marketplace. It could be a way to move G$ between claimants. The use of Gooddollar at the local level as a complementary and alternative currency for the purchase or sale would be the objective.
It would not require resources.


hello, the idea is to convert the G$ marketplace to a more local environment where people can exchange products in a more personalized way and be able to convert gooddollar into a complementary currency at the municipal level.
any DAO with the approval of the gooddollar community could be its administrator so that each municipality only had one marketplace and not several.
In this way, G$ can be moved exponentially if we open more and more places of exchange online and person to person.
For example, a telegram channel where only and exclusively second-hand products are uploaded for sale in G$ and later both interested parties are coordinated to meet personally to make the sale management.

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HI @oliver75montes I love this suggestion.

Are you suggesting we create funding for an community member to operate a local GoodDollar marketplace?

Would you be interested in opening up the second hand store?

I’m interested to learn if there are community members who want to get more involved in operating the Facebook Marketplace group or the existing Sharetribe marketplace. Would like to hear more from you.

Hi @goodanna, that’s right, but I don’t think financial resources are needed. It is pure own initiative and I hope that of many more.
The idea is to promote Gooddollar not just to accumulate but to back it up with a local market by using Gs to buy already taxed items in your fiat currency and exchange them for G$.
What I intend is for Gooddollar to make these markets official, one in each municipality with a specific membership, being mandatory, at least, that the local market administrator is DAO as a requirement.
This way you can start a volunteer selection process for it and convert the token into a local complementary currency.
I have no personal interest in it since it is a personal proposition for many others to do as well.

Tagging in here some other community members that I know have already done some thinking around how to set this up and some initial experiments in this space: @voroperez @Tomerba @ProfChristianetm

Would be curious if anyone has an idea of a municipality in mind that would be open for this type of experimentation.

hello, my application for the Spanish municipality of San Juan de Aznalfarache, Seville.
it only has 4 square km and approximately 21,000 inhabitants

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Thanks for tagging me about this issue. It sounds good.
@oliver75montes In albal, my town 16000 inhabitants, we are a small group of people thinking on it since time ago. Till now thinking, not doing yet. I think we need a good design for this idea.
I had a very interesting meeting last week with Heloisa Primavera , a cathedral builder as she herself said, who is a specialist in the construction of Social Currency systems, and she opened our minds about the need to create these local markets to transform society.
The second hand items, as well as some personal services offered by the people as individuals, are the products used to create communities of mutual credit and I see your proposal as an hybrid of this proposal, using not fiat backed currency, and the same idea using a backed currency, the G$.
As the fiat value of G$ is very small, here in Europe by instance, if we want to scale the use of G$ further the convinced people that is already in, its use can not be motivated just by this point (I mean the monetary value). We need to add to the use of the G$ another values (social, environmental). How? This is what we have to build. I am open to have a collective talk about this point, just I have not the disponibility now to organice it.
Once again thanks @goodanna for tagging me and thanks @oliver75montes for opening this subject.


Hello again and I hope you had a pleasant vacation.
To return to the thread, I inform you that tomorrow I will have a meeting with two councilors from the San Juan de Aznalfarache town hall to present the Gooddollar project and my interest, with the support of DAO, in introducing a local online market with the use of Gooddollar. My intention is not to seek the support of the city council, rather it would be to provoke a high interest in the citizen proposal because with their support or without it, if DAO AGREE, it would be to start a Christmas campaign to buy and sell second-hand toys. It is true that with the support of the city council it would have more scope but I am not going to beg for it, in fact I will cause them to be the ones who want to be part of the proposal.

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Hello, just finished meeting with Blanca Montero García (Unidas Podemos), Juan Manuel Santos Delgado (Unidas Podemos) and your press officer. It has been very fruitful and the interest generated has been positive to the point of wanting to be interested in the evolution of the proposal exposed in the DAO. We have exchanged telephone numbers and they have asked me to report as it evolves and of course as far as the DAO allows me.
The campaign of a local market with gooddollar for the purchase and sale of second-hand toys would take place in San Juan de Aznalfarache as the beginning of an interrelationship between the city council and Gooddollar.
As a fact to take into account, currently the Mayor has a trial for allegedly diversion of public capital to a local currency (not crypto) for people with low incomes and that the sentence will be foreseen within a month, which does not stop my interest in pursuing the idea. These councilors would be willing to meet with high-ranking representatives of Gooddollar.
Greetings and waiting for your opinions.

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I would really love to be able to see more real case uses, from my personal position you have my vote and ideas to try to get the most out of it. As a moderator also any help you need accounts with it.

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It does not have to be that this year, it can be developed throughout the year 2023 to educate the population and promote the toy campaign throughout it in the way agreed with the city council. During the next year you will be able to hoard gooddollar while you learn and then spend it in the campaign. 2023 is coming up hard and I think that boys and girls will be the most affected.
The city council of San Juan de Aznalfarache promoted a currency with a similar objective to the gooddollar (although it is now under judicial scrutiny). Its name is “Ossetana coin” in case you want more information I’ll pass you the link…

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Hi Oliver! To give movement and that the idea does not remain in see.

Let’s organize what we must solve before seeing if it is viable or not. Where do you think to start, I propose to think from organizing a well-defined idea to propose it to the city council and GoodDollar Llc

I think that the first thing could be to organize a first skeleton of the objectives

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In order to develop a skeleton of the strategic plan during the year 2023 with the objective of implementing the proposal of a localmarketplace in San Juan de Aznalfarache, basic guidelines can be taken in the temporal sense (agenda), educational content, campaign promotion and execution. Of the same.

During the next year and in its first months to be defined, the opening of new wallets among the population of the municipality is of paramount importance since without them and their accumulated G$ it will not be possible to acquire the children’s resources destined for the campaign, which with the agreement with the town hall (to be agreed upon, although the latter is interested) will be defined according to prior agreement.

The educational content could be implemented from the second quarter through the city’s own social networks and those of the council, as well as through municipal television. During all this time we have hoarded enough online teaching material that could serve
for the basic financial education of the population. These same communication networks would be available to promote the campaign from the beginning of the school year (September) and, perhaps, some support from the local educational community through collective meetings with parents. The city council could contribute ideas that elude me and that they dominate.

“A toy, a smile” could be a campaign name.

As agreed with the town hall, facilities could be used as sports arenas for such an event.

In case they are not interested in collaborating in the campaign, there is no other option but to promote it through networks, word of mouth and use a telegram channel, for example, to interrelate the interested parties. A slow and short-term short-term job.