[GIP-07] Community Treasury Vision and Request

Title: Community Treasury Vision and Request
Author: Gustavo Segovia
Status: Stage II / pre-proposal
Track: Proclamation
Created: 2022-07-08

Disclaimer: this Proclamation GIP aims to open a conversation with the core team and its sponsor eToro, for agreeing on a sum of money to be donated to the GoodDAO so it can start its operation properly and empower our Community to grow and spread the word of GoodDollar currency around the world,

The GoodDAO is the organizational entity created to govern GoodDollar, a community-driven, market-incentivized and sustainable-by-design universal basic income (UBI) protocol.

GoodDollar draws upon the tools available within decentralized finance (DeFi) to enable anyone, anywhere equipped with a smartphone and an Internet connection to claim, learn about and use digital currency at zero cost and zero risk. GoodDollar’s overarching goal is to bring hundreds of millions of individuals unbanked or underserved by traditional finance into the digital economy.

As we can only achieve this important goal in a decentralized fashion, we are seeking to equip the GoodDAO with sufficient resources to chart a course toward successful community collaboration, engagement and education. The GoodDAO will be focused on finding new and impactful ways to further economic inclusion for its 400,000+ global members as a worldwide public good.

As part of our decentralization journey, with this proclamation GIP, the GoodDAO is asking GoodDollar Limited (Private company limited by guarantee without share capital sponsored by eToro) to donate a sum of 100k USD worth of GoodDollar to the Community Treasury multisig so we can execute the mission of enabling an open digital economy oriented toward financial inclusion of our growing GoodDollar global community.

GoodDAO Initiatives

The first of our activities was to select a group of community members to assume responsibility for the moderation, leadership and maintenance of our social media and community communications channels. For more details about this initiative, please read the GIP-1 (GoodDAO Improvement Proposal), which won majority approval in mid-February.

2022 initiatives that will rest in the hands of the GoodDAO will focus on:

  • Community moderation and UBI advocacy.
  • Development and management of community infrastructure (web hosting, decentralized marketplaces, DAO frameworks and liquidity deployment).
  • Cryptoeconomics R&D centered on DeFi and sustainable UBI ideas and proposals.
  • Other proposals from the community.

Other activities that could be included in the scope if we are having the proper budgeting conditions

  • Cryptocurrency & web3 education across the globe (Supported by Ambassadors Program).
  • Ecosystem expansion (integration with different chains and protocols).
  • Fund-raising campaigns for worthy causes.

All priorities will of course be determined by the GoodDAO (see GIP-0 for further info), depending on resources available in the Treasury and capabilities of the DAO itself.

The following budget breakdown should act as a major guideline that the community shall respect. Further rules on how to manage this budget shall be discussed in weekly or bi-weekly Community meetings.


@Gus Thanks for sharing this proposal and initiating this important discussion with the community. Setting up a community-led GoodDAO Treasury is a necessary and achievable goal.

The first areas where I’d like to see the community take a more active leadership role is focused on empowering community members to lead and grow the community. This means the DAO funding community-leadership GIPs that have already been passed (such as community moderation), but I also would like to see the DAO take control of funding ambassador schemes and rewards. @Gus those successes are to your credit.

Other areas I think are achievable in the next 3-6 months are community grants for people who want funding to initiate local community projects with GoodDollar is another initial idea. This could be based on funding micro-entrepreneurs, or the development of key features the community wants to see built (aka an improved marketplace). Other examples would be a DAO treasury that could fund listings on exchanges, determined by the community.

Can you share the proposed budget breakdown for the DAO treasury?

Though the GoodDollar LLC has a tight budget, I think there are multiple ways that we can stand up an initial DAO treasury through protocol-owned assets and the daily UBI pool.


hey, sorry for my late reply, I’ve been away from my pc for several weeks.

Cool! the whole aim of this request is that exactly. You start by trusting your community/DAO, offer this opportunity, and then engagement and expanded education on GoodDollar will come.

This is so cool, I can add this to the initiatives listed above so we have trace of enclosing this in our Treasury Vision. I guess this would mean more money to the DAO, right?

Sure, me too, I’d expect this to be included in the “Other proposals from the community.” bullet, but sure, I can add something more specific to the list as well.

No Anna, I can’t. I believe that decentralized treasury management is impossible to plan, as the spending on it will be based on the proposals coming from the community when the budget is there. Besides, I don´t see any real need in having a budget breakdown here. Also, this is a need from leadership in command-and-control organizations, with the DAO we are trying to escape from that, aren’t we?

As a last comment, I’d like to remind that we advanced these news to our community more than 2 months ago (see blog article below) and it would be nice GoodDollar LLC speed-up the decision and execution on this.

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Hello!! After receiving the following messages from a moderators channel from GoodDollar LLC Director:

I’ve decided to not follow up with this proposal as I consider that creating more inflation from the protocol is a bad decision. eToro has sponsored GoodDollar LLC with millions of dollars (USD) for the last few years, and it’s not acceptable from me as a community member and ex-member of the core team that GoodDollar LLC is refusing to give the community a small sum (for them) of 100k USD.

Therefore, I will continue the governance efforts on GIP-08 where we, the GoodDAO, could demand GoodDollar LLC to expose transparency about the way they are dealing with the funds that eToro is giving them to build up the global UBI currency G$ is supposed to be.