[GIP-10] Migration to Commonwealth: improve governance debate and voting processes

Title: Migration to Commonwealth: Improve governance debate and voting processes
Author: Meri Fernandez
Status: Stage II
Track: Meta
Created: 27-10-2022

The aim of this proposal is to migrate the GoodDAO Discourse forum to Commonwealth.

This requires a change in the GIP Procedure since the current platform, Discourse, was set by the [GIP 0] Introducing the GIP Procedure for the community to make proposals and hold debates.

Participating and running DAOs is currently highly difficult due to the fragmentation of tooling. GoodDAO uses an assortment of community governance tooling (Discourse, Snapshot, on-chain voting) in addition to the base stack of operational tooling like Discord, Telegram, etc.

Fragmented tooling causes fatigue for community members from having to track and sign up on different platforms. Commonwealth can solve part of this problem.

Commonwealth consolidates multiple community tools into one place by offering a fully crypto-native forum and voting interfaces (polls, Snapshot and on-chain governance) all in one platform. Adopting Commonwealth as the governance forum for the GoodDAO will facilitate the governance discussion, engagement and transparency.

Furthermore, it provides a UI interface solution for on-chain voting. That’s something that the GoodDAO is currently missing, and will be needed in the near future to pass key proposals that aim to make big changes on the GoodDollar protocol. As for the moment, the only way to vote on-chain is directly from the smart contracts, which is something that is not easy to do to for the average user.

Motivation for this change

  1. Hosting all community discussions, snapshot votes and on-chain governance on one platform to improve access to information and reduce tooling friction.
  2. Provide a UI interface solution for on-chain voting, something that the GoodDAO is missing right now and it’s going to need in the near future.

Transition Process

Migrating to Commonwealth

  1. Download a back data dump from the GoodDAO Discourse Forum
  2. Commonwealth imports the GoodDAO data forum to Commonwealth. This maintains all content, profiles and past activity.
  3. Commonwealth integrates GoodDAO Governance V2 contracts and GoodDAO Snapshot
  4. The community owns and runs the forum

For users

  • Link your wallet via Metamask or Wallet Connect
  • Join the GoodDAO Commonwealth forum
  • Link the same email you used for Discourse to claim your old account
  • Begin discussion :slight_smile:

More about Commonwealth

Commonwealth is an all-in one governance platform for crypto communities. As a summary is a platform for communities to discuss and vote. It combines the core functionality of Discourse with token-gating and governance interfaces (on-chain voting, off-chain voting and polls)

More information: Why Commonwealth?


Hey! Its Rhys from Commonwealth here. Its great to see this proposal. Thank you Meri for putting this together.

We’ve seen that by consolidating the governance process into one platform that participation increases in every stage of the process. I think with G$ especially, providing a UI for on-chain governance will definitely improve on-chain voting participation in two different ways:

  1. The voting process is a lot easier with the UI
  2. All information required to make an informed vote is easily accessible. The discussions leading up to these votes are in the same place as where the voting happens. The discussions can actually be linked to proposals making it even easier to get informed.

I’d also like to elaborate on the crypto-native forum aspect that Meri mentioned. Commonwealth has wallet login meaning the forum can be token gated which reduces spam, increases sybil resistance, and ensures that only community members with a stake in GoodDAO are participating in certain discussions.

For those interested in what an active Commonwealth space looks like with a crypto-native forum, Snapshot, and on-chain governance check out dYdX’s Commonwealth space here: Commonwealth

Would love to get feedback from the GoodDAO community on this. We always appreciate feedback as it informs us in how we improve the platform.


Thank you @Meri_Fernandez Meri for your proposal. I don’t know Commonwealth yet but I will follow the link shared by @RhysFH RhysFH to get to know it better. Regardless of this, I think it is a great advance to simplify participation in the ecosystem. I see in it a very attractive and provocative proposal, a proposal to build a community that goes beyond the financial. It is necessary that the proportion of people who claim the G$ who participate in the proposal, debate and voting processes grows.
Facilitating access to all the processes involved in this aspect (governance) with a common access point for all, I think it will be of great help to achieve this increase in participation.
I personally understand the participation in G$ as the part of the drawing that really makes you feel a part of it.