[GIP- 12.1] Continuation community moderation

GIP: GIP-12.1
Title:Continuation community moderation
Author: Stephen/Andres/Christiane/Jose
Status: Stage III
Track: Finance/Other
Created: 2023-03-28

Community moderators have completed our first year of community moderation and now we want to continue if the community supports us.
We have the task of reviewing/filtering and transmitting the information obtained from the central team to the community and vice versa, giving support to those who need it, especially trying to guide and educate new people, who in many cases are obtaining their first cryptocurrency.
Here is the more detailed description of the tasks that must be accomplished (in addition, support is now also provided through telegram).
For All the task read here:

For this new moderation period we will apply for 3 months of community moderation
Following the dynamics of at least 100 hours of weekly community moderation by: Christianne Br (Brazil), Jose Peralta (Mexico), Stephen Etugbo (Nigeria) and Manuel Andres Muñoz (Colombia)

The group of moderators for the activity carried out requests 41,322.000 G$s from GoodDao for salaries (Approx 7,107 USD) of the community multisig safe, so that each moderator receives a monthly salary of 3,443.500 G$ for 3 months; In this way, the 4 moderators will be rewarded subject to good performance of the work according to the requested requirements.

José Peralta additionally requests a total of 185,000 G$ to pay for the bot expenses 3 months.

The total budget requested for this GIP is 41,507,000 G$ (~7,138 usd)
The rate used to calculate the amount in G$/Usd is from March 28, 2023, as of today the price of G$ is 0.172usd x 1000 G$

From March 28 to June 28

Christianne Br
Address: 0xfF073f535434f650A32060387774B888E8c385e5

Andres Muñoz
Address: 0x7d018576Ea5EA84ee7A4cC1547D1b5365e8Db9f8

Jose Peralta
Address: 0x765c4F4a623661dFB4cDD430bcfCfA78A673e19d

Focused Steve
Address: 0x37bb0D2046B23A1fc3Dc64140EdFe89EF95b68C1


Moderating has challenged us, but the team has welcomed us and I particularly have learned a lot from everyone. Let new challenges come. #ubi #cripto4all

As challenging as this task is, these carefully selected number of people are giving it their all with their true Dedication to this protocol, I don’t see anyone doing it better than they are


Someone has to do this job. I support this proposal and hope that these people will be worthy of choice and our support.