[GIP-12.2] Continuation community moderation

GIP: [GIP-12.2]
Title: Continuation community moderation
Author: Andres Muñoz
Status: Stage IV
Track: Finance/Other
Created: 2023-06-14

GIP 12.2 is an elective process aimed at approving the continuation of community moderation under the current moderation team.

The moderation process involves providing 100 hours per week of moderation services, which will be carried out by the team of moderators consisting of Christianne, Steve, José, and Andrés. Each moderator is required to dedicate 25 hours per week to the moderation task.

To be eligible for moderation, each team member must fulfill the requirements outlined in the initially proposed budget by the GoodDollar team. For more detailed information about the tasks involved, please refer to the attached links (https://www.notion.so/Community-Moderation-Grant-acb0aec6e9864e48ad573477e1651d43) Additionally, apart from the specified tasks, the team is also responsible for providing assistance to the community through the Support desk channel.

At the end of each month, each moderator must submit a report detailing their work in order to receive a payment of 3,443,500 G$.

There is a significant change in this moderation period compared to previous ones, as the duration will be extended to 6 months. This decision was made based on feedback from the community, who expressed that 3 months was insufficient. Furthermore, a payment of 370,000 G$ will be allocated to José, who will be responsible for making payments to the bots.
The purpose of this payment is to enhance moderation and ensure the generation of relevant content in 3 Telegram channels.

Considering the breakdown of expenses, the Gip requests approval for a total budget of 83,014,000 G$, covering the 6-month moderation period, including the payment for bots.

From June 28th to 28th December

Christianne Br
Address: 0xfF073f535434f650A32060387774B888E8c385e5

Manuel Andres Muñoz
Address: 0x7d018576Ea5EA84ee7A4cC1547D1b5365e8Db9f8

Jose Peralta
Address: 0x765c4F4a623661dFB4cDD430bcfCfA78A673e19d

Focused Steve
Address: 0x37bb0D2046B23A1fc3Dc64140EdFe89EF95b68C1


We are always committed to serve the community, and give them the right information to easy their Web3 Journey from the community perspective.
Mod team.


You all have been excellent moderators and a huge asset to the community.

I am proud to support your renomination.

There has been no better example of how community members can contribute to the GoodDollar cause through the DAO!


Thanks, for the big support!
We will always be trying to do it in the best way, all of us with our own identity but with a single intention that what we do is relevant to the entire community.