[GIP-12] Community Moderation Renewal

Tittle: Community Moderation Renewal
Author: Jose, Christianne, Andres, Stephen
Status: Stage III
Track: Finance/Others
Created: 2022-12-03

Greetings, we hope that the whole community is very well. We believe that we have never seen 3 months go by as quickly as the past 3 months.
As community moderators we have the task of reviewing/filtering and relaying the information that is obtained from the central team to the community and vice versa.
Since we started to moderate we have learned skills that we did not have thanks to the gooddollar community (Through the GoodDao) of gooddollar that gave us the confidence to do something so important to us.

Through this path we have acquired skills and responsibilities have gradually increased since the first GIP-01 for this new moderation period we will apply for 4 months of community moderation, following the dynamics of at least 100 hours for weekly community moderation by: Christianne Br (Brazil), Jose Peralta (Mexico), Stephen Etugbo (Nigeria) and Andres Muñoz (Colombia).

The group for the activity carried out is requested from the GoodDao a total of 55,096,000 G$s (Approx 9700 Usd) from the multisig community safe for the total of 4 months for the group for the activities to be carried out according to the community grant, link to the scope of tasks.(https://www.notion.so/Community-Moderation-Grant-acb0aec6e9864e48ad573477e1651d43)

As moderators we would like to be more and more useful to the community for the same reason if th GoodDao consider that something else should be included we would be delighted to know.
If any think that we are wrong about something, we would also like to know it because it is easier to see the errors when they tell us.

From 28th Nov - 28th Mar

Christianne Br (Started 28 November)
Address: 0xfF073f535434f650A32060387774B888E8c385e5

Andres Muñoz (Started 28 November)
Address: 0x4d0460646e317d4d21032c9d3c0900ee1ab3bf16

Focused Steve (Started 28 November)
Address: 0x37bb0D2046B23A1fc3Dc64140EdFe89EF95b68C1

José Peralta (Started 28 November)
Address: 0x765c4F4a623661dFB4cDD430bcfCfA78A673e19d


Thanks for all the work you do team! Keep it up!:clap::clap::clap:


Thanks for the support!
Thanks to you too! At the end of the day, the central team tries to solve the questions that arise in the process or with many other things to be able to improve in the process :slight_smile:


Hi! my monthtly report


my report https://www.notion.so/gooddollar/Report-from-November-27th-December-27th-2022-18c258e8cec64c938a04601318756720


My monthly report @Meri_Fernandez https://www.notion.so/gooddollar/Report-from-November-27th-December-27th-2022-3c24e7343db94421bc9151a28a587ad7

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