[GIP-2] Community Protocol Guardians

Title: Community Protocol Guardians
Author: Sirpy
Status: Stage IV
Track: Protocol
Created: 2022-02-15

Updated: 2022-10-07

The proposal has two parts

  1. Ratify the role of GoodDollar LLC as the GoodDollar protocol Governance Guardian and Identity Guardian
  2. Choose a Council of Guardians with the mandate to modify the protocol updates, outside of the proposals system, in case of an emergency

At the launch of the Protocol V2, the GoodDollar LLC wallet was set as the Governance Guardian, who has a veto power to cancel any on-chain proposal. The mandate of the Governance Guardian is to act as a trusted party that can cancel malicious proposals that either seek to extract value out of the reserve or have been passed along by a small interest group whose interest are not in-line with those of the global community. The GoodDollar LLC also acts as the Identity Guardian, and maintains the permissions to whitelist new wallets that receive UBI from the UBI distribution contracts. Currently, whitelisting of new members is done via the GoodDollar wallet Identity Flow, and is performed via a spam-reduction approach based on anonymized face verification, based on a technology donated by Facetec.

To enable the protocol’s stability, the GoodDollar LLC proposes a group of 9 trusted representatives to serve as Guardians, that will have a mandate to issue protocol updates in the following cases:

  1. Economic attack or core smart contracts
  2. Bug reported via community member, Immunify or Hats Protocol bounty programs

Role and responsibilities of the Protocol Community Guardians

The candidates for the Guardians role are technologically-savvy and trusted stakeholders in the GoodDollar Ecosystem.

GoodDollar Guardian is not a remunerated role, but it does carry a high degree of responsiblity and accountability. Guardians have an obligation to protect the GoodDollar Protocol in case of an emergency. It is for this main reason that all Community Guardians must be committed and to serve out their role as an extension of the GoodDollar mission.

In case of an emergency, 5 of the 9 signatures of the Protocol Community Guardians are required to make any changes to the protocol. A number of 5 signatures is set up to safeguard the protocol from malicious attacks.

From the nature of this role, it is expected that Protocol Community Guardians are responsive and available within the shortest period of time to sign transactions.

This is the basic emergency flow process:

  1. Technical team or a member of the community identifies a vulnerability, exploit, or issue.
  2. The GoodDollar technical team led by CTO Hadar Rottenberg (wallet address) to diagnose the problem, and propose a solution and plan detailing next steps to resolve the issue.
  3. Community Guardians will be contacted by the CTO or a fellow Guardian, requesting a response to sign the required transactions as soon as possible. A minimum of 5 signatures are required to enable protocol changes.
  4. Once 5 of the 9 Community Guardians have signed the required transaction, through a safe that has permissions to the GoodDAO protocol contracts.
  5. After they have signed, the GoodDollar LLC technical team can then modify the contracts.

In the event of an emergency, it is essential that Protocol Community Guardians act with discretion until the critical problem is resolved. This is critical in order to protect the Protocol from possible attacks while remaining vulnerable.

The candidates of the role are being chosen as a Council/Team. Their role will be evaluated every year and to either be reinstated or not by a new [GIP-X] Community Protocol Guardians election.

List of Community Guardians

After asking the community to nominate some possible representatives and reviewing the applications, the Community Guardians Council selected reflects the requirements mentioned above.

Furthermore, it follow this underlying logic to ensure it represents all the best interest for the Protocol: 3 members of GoodDollar Core Team, 3 members of GoodDollar’s Community and 3 members of E-toro team (as the the main sponsor of the project to date).

Therefore, these are the Community Guardians which this proposal aims to choose as a Council:

Hadar Rottenberg: GoodDollar’s co-founder and CTO

Jessica Salama: GoodDollar’s Community Lead

Meri Fernandez: GoodDollar’s ****DAO lead

Bertrand Juglas: Active member of the GoodDollar ****Community

Salvador PĂ©rez: Active member of the GoodDollar Community

José Peralta: Active member and GoodDollar’s Community Moderator


Yoni Assia: GoodDollar’s Founder and Sponsor.

Johannes Jensen: Part of the eToro team that has supported GoodDollar since the beginning.


Omri Ross: Head of eToro Labs. eToro Labs is in charge for designing and implementing eToro’s web3 products and business strategies.



Hello, I think Bertrand Juglas is one of the best candidates if he wants to


In my opinion, Yoni Assia, Bertrand, and Gustavo Segovia are people who have been trusted so far. For now I would only have those 3 candidates in my mind.


Bertrand Jouglas, Gustavo Segovia, Hadar and Fabiana Cecin


For my @voroperez @Goodeconomy @Gus @oliver75montes :point_left: @josead11
he would be an ideal candidate to occupy that position, :+1:

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I forgot Fabiana, she is very smart, I think she would also be an impartial person


@yoni Assia, @anna stone @jessica @gustavo @bertrand and @hadar suite the best candidates


I believe that an ethical code is essential for these positions.
In general, codes of ethics should be defined and contain the following:

Values, mission and vision of the organization
Communicate the importance of sticking to the rules
Prohibited conduct
Clear definition of a conflict of interest
Corporate gifts policy
Consequences for breaking the code
Communication channels to report non-compliance


Betrand jouglas is one best choice for this… trust me… he is great


I’d like to nominate myself Rob - @Fuseprime. Fairly well known by a few OG team members.


and I’m nominating myself as well! @sepu85

I stand also for Bertrand, Hadar and @Fuseprime nominations. Happy to support my colleagues Anna and Jess if they agree to be signers

Last but not least, I’d like to nomitate @Steve and Javier Salomon.


Anyone that nominated someone else please try to contact them and have them come here and post their wallet address.

@Gus @Steve @Fuseprime please post your wallet address

So so far the list seems to be
@Steve @Gus @Fuseprime @jessica @goodanna @voroperez @oliver75montes @Goodeconomy
Also Yoni, Fabiana and Javier Salomon which are not here.

@oliver75montes would you like to offer some kind of an initial code of conduct/ethics?

I’ll be a guardian through the Foundation controlled wallet.


I will be a guardian through the foundation controlled by the wallet



Any wallet in particular? G$ wallet or any wallet with G$ in it? Would a clean wallet be suitable?

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Gooddollar wallet on fusenetwork I think :thinking:

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I nominate Tomer Bariach, Fabiana Cecin, and Anna Stone.


Hello, I think we could adapt with the pertinent changes in consensus with the code of ethics of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations - WANGO


I nominate also @oliver75montes. We can nominate people from outside the community, how for example Andrew Yang? Thanks