[GIP-4a] Voro Pérez for Community Treasury Steward

Voro Pérez for Community Treasury Steward

Following the indications in the Community Steward treasury forum post, I, Salvador Perez Sempere, natural from Spain, candidate myself to become a Community Treasury Steward while giving my commitment to be one of the Community Multisig signers and respect the mandate of the approved Finance GIPs up to come following the rules stated on our GoodDAO Governance Procedure, and any future GoodDAO Proclamation about setting up the vision about how to address these community funds.

I am from the beginning of Gooddollar when it was still an experiment. I participate in the L/P FUSE/G$, I have had the opportunity to present the G$ in some talks at the University and in other forums, I am part of a (small) local group of users who make transactions based on offline activities I don’t know…a lot of things.

I want to be stewards to get even more involved in the construction of this transformative ecosystem.

My Fuse Network address that I request to add as a signer is: 0x48bff8451c2A9C84D48789b36D00d50114a0A458

Considering the current policy of 2/2 signers, and in order to facilitate the execution of the transactions, the approval of my candidacy proposes as well to change this policy to 2/3 signers, which means that a transaction can be approved with the sign of 2 out of 3 signers.


great Voro! I fully support your proposal! I can attest about the support you have been giving to our community since day zero.

Let’s give the community one week to react before actioning the snapshot vote.


Thank you for this proposal, I confirm you help the community even before the public launch so I will be glad to vote for you.


Hello everybody!

I am happy that @voroperez has finally opened this proposal. In the previous post no one participates now. However, I think I had misunderstood. I thought that several Community Treasury Stewards were going to be elected and not just one. I thought that’s why we were waiting for more candidates to be able to choose several. In this sense, I proposed my candidacy, because it seems to me that if we are more people with this role, it will be safer and more democratic for the community and it will also be easier to control individual malicious actions.
If we are finally going to elect a single Community Treasury Steward, I think @voroperez is the best candidate and I will vote for him. I think that during all this time he has shown great involvement with the project and a great ability to spread it. My trust in him is complete.
However, since in the Community Steward treasury forum post only two candidates presented ourselves, I propose that we both accept this role. I think that we are the only ones who have shown interest in this role and that it would be better for the correct functioning of the GoodDAO that we be at least 4 Stewards instead of 3.
If you agree with this modality that I propose, I will gladly perform the functions of Steward. If not, I’ll gladly vote for @voroperez.

Always a pleasure talking to you.

Best regards!


Hi !!

Actually, I propose to be one of a group of 3 stewards, with a schema of 2/3 signs to validate the transactions. I really apprecite your post to avoid any misunderstanding.
Please add the address to be added as a signer if you are elected.

Best Regards

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Hello there! Hope you guys had good easter holidays!

I’m glad about your message. You are right about our need in having more than one new Treasury Stewards. I have suggested Voro to go ahead with this for simplifying governance while allowing community to breakdown their sentiments about approving one member and/or the other one.

I’d suggest then to trigger two different votes on Snapshot, one for selecting @voroperez and one another to select you @Goodeconomy


Hello again!

Thank you for your answers!

I am not interested in competing with @voroperez. I think he is surely the best candidate. However, I believe that the formula of only 3 stewards is not the best and therefore I do not want to participate to establish it. I would only be interested in participating if it is not to elect just one of the candidates. I believe that plurality, inclusion and collaboration are pillars of the Gooddollar project as opposed to the competition, scarcity and exclusion typical of traditional economies.
In my opinion, If there’s only going to be one more Steward, it should be @voroperez who will do very well.

Best regards


Wait a second! It seems my message was not understood, please read again…

What makes you think that we are looking to a “only 3 stewards” formula?? I’m actually suggesting you to apply as well. Let’s make two different snapshot votes (or 3 or 7… now we have only 2) for you and for Voro, that are of course not exclusive among each other.


In my personal opinion, I think it is good to have more signers in the multisig wallet, for my part I think you are a good candidate for delegate.
Good luck Sr Salvador.


Oh! I’m sorry if I didn’t understand correctly. Thanks for the clarification @Gus.
The address I would use if the community supports me for this role is: 0x7b8DB4EB674c9BdFB49Cf76F616ef0F13444e059

Thank you.
Best regards


Hello Enrique, if you want to apply, you could try to do the same thing that Salvador did, you just show your interest in being another administrator of the treasury’s finance Multisig (here in the Forum) You would give a brief summary of yourself and that’s it. later the decision would be in the hands of the people who would vote yes or no in that hypothetical GIP-4b


Great! I support this because you’ve been a very good contributor to this community and I can only see you doing more. :+1:


I want to say that unfortunately, the language issue is complicated for me, I only speak Spanish, I would have liked to work even more on this Project, in any case I am sure that there are many trained people here and the work to come will not be difficult, I am active in all that I can and will continue to Support, Thank you! :handshake: :muscle:


Thank you for this proposal Voro! I fully support you, you have my vote since day one.