GIP: GIP-09 New Quarter of Community Moderation


Title: New Quarter of Community Moderation

Author: Focused Steve, Christiane Br, José Peralta, Andrés Muñoz

Status: Stage III / WIP

Track: Other / Finance

Created: 2022-09-09

Time passes quickly and 3 months have passed since the last Gip was approved given the wishes of the community and the moderators to continue moderating the Gooddollar community.

This new quarter we had a new moderation partner Christiane from Brazil, the community that today is the third largest in the world the group of moderators, Christine, Jose, Steve and Andres are excited to continue with the 3rd Quarter Of Moderating the community (only if the community wants it) following again the list of tasks specified in: task details requesting at least 100 hours of work by the team per week (We recommend read for full details).

For this new additional period to the scope we will add the support tasks (summarized in receiving the reports from the community and grouping them in the order to report it based on priority and with the correct information to facilitate the correct resolution by the gooddollar core team)

The budget for the next quarter the GoodDAO will be approving with the current GIP is: 41,935,485 G$ (≈ $7600) from the Community Treasury 6 for the total of the 4 moderators on the next 3 months, moderating 100 hours per week, payments should always be conditional on good execution and reporting of the same work.

The public address arranged for payment for the role of moderators are:

Focused Steve (Started August 27)

Address: 0x37bb0D2046B23A1fc3Dc64140EdFe89EF95b68C1

Jose Peralta (Started August 27)

Address: 0x765c4F4a623661dFB4cDD430bcfCfA78A673e19d

Andres Muñoz (Started August 27)

Address: 0x4d0460646e317d4d21032c9d3c0900ee1ab3bf16

Christiane Br (Started August 27)

Address: 0xfF073f535434f650A32060387774B888E8c385e5


Thanks for being here


Thanks for getting ready to take over support desk and for all the hard work you do team!


Thanks for you for your supporter :blush:

we are happy to be able to support the team in a more effective way to effectively solve all the needs of the community from something as important as the correct transmission of bugs


Thanks for sharing, and being interested of this opportunity

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Thank you sir for the support

Thank you for the support @Meri_Fernandez


@MAMQ01 In case no one raise any polemic comment, I think we can launch the vote in snapshot tomorrow. sounds good?


That sounds good, we wait if there is any feedback from the community or we will proceed :slight_smile:

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