Improving the store

We should have a section for trusted sellers in the store, this could be done immediately and possibly

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Hi sir! please try to follow the Gip-0 guidelines to start building a proposal. Ideally you should first start on Discord in the Governance Section.

The Discord invitation is this GoodDollar

I personally think that if an improvement to the Marketplace is badly needed, you could create an interesting proposal from the community. If you need any support, do not hesitate to tell us to the Moderators team.

Your proposal is necessary since it is difficult to trust some people who register on the site only to defraud honest people, it would be convenient if you could provide a strategy to achieve that goal and all users can be calm when making transactions, Thank you !! :+1:

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One possible approach I just thought of. I wonder if Wallets can me made specifically for individual transactions like this where it’s like a forwarding wallet. Funds sent to this forwarding wallet could be held until approved by buyer that goods are received and then it’s sent to the sellers wallet.

Both buyer and seller should submit verifiable information like snapshots or screen recordings, or even order numbers tied to the transaction so if there’s a report for fraud that it can be handled ASAP.