Initial UBI Offering / Public G$ token sale at a fair price

Continuing the discussion from [GIP-13] Expansion of GoodDollar protocol on Celo blockchain:

Hey @Noak
That’s a valid point, though the term “healthier level” needs to be economically defined, so we have some kind of agreed target and not just subjective views.

One of the ideas that came up was to do a “a public UBI token sale” at a fixed price (lets say X% above market price) open to the public where Celo will also participate. So everyone can get it at a fair price.
At the end of the sale the reserve ratio would be updated to match the new price, DAI reserve and G$ supply. The more G$s are sold at that fixed price that more we’ll be able to increase the RR.

See for a possible token sale platform

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Sure, I wouldn’t mind that approach. Not sure I understand how it’s better though. You’re assuming that others would be interested in buying at the same time, where does this assumption come from (since people always have the opportunity to buy whenever they want from the Reserve).

I guess maybe if you pre-calculate that the potential increase in price will be Y% from Celo’s upcoming purchase, and then you set the public sale price at X% where maybe X = 0.75 * Y. This way there is a guaranteed arbitrage gain of 0.25 * Y which would make some people interested in joining.

The best part of your idea is the marketing opportunity it brings, making a public campaign to promote GoodDollar. Get people interested in buying one of the most stable crypto assets in existence.

Yes exactly
A. you get the token at a lower price
B. its a great marketing oppurtunity