Make GoodDollar social!


GoodDollar currently has about 30k daily active users, claiming UBI. Most of these people only interact with GoodDollar via the web app and don’t continue into discord, the activity inside which is comparatively muted.This makes sense, as discord is completely disconnected from the web app, and also requires a separate identity to your wallet, to communicate.

However, in line with the vision of GoodDollar, which is about social investing and doing good as a community, we believe there is potential to make this whole user experience much more social, at the same time increasing overall engagement with the app, and ultimately contributing to the product’s stickiness and growth. How to achieve this?


WalletChat - - have spent the past year building a web3 messaging protocol and dapp, enabling any two wallets to communicate directly via DMs or group chats. We have released a free web app, an API, and a widget which can easily be integrated inside any dapp, in under an hour. An example of a live implementation can be found here -

Everything we have built is open source, and our current traction includes partnerships with IPFS, Lit Protocol, Polygon, Optimism, BanklessDAO,, POAP, and others. We are still a small and lean team, but we are fiercely moving forward towards becoming the go-to infrastructure provider for web3 messaging, and we are committed to supporting more partners, like GoodDollar.


WalletChat team will integrate the existing WalletChat widget into the website. The integration is easy to do, will be carried out by the WalletChat team, and does not necessitate any changes to the code of the existing GoodDollar app. The widget will enable -

  1. Any two GoodDollar users to DM one another, using their wallets
  2. The GoodDollar community to have an open discussion room, akin to discord / #general, but right inside its website
  3. User support functionality where any user can contact the GoodDollar team via the website widget, resulting in the creation of a ticket inside #support channel in discord

The above will represent the core functionality of v1, give the community an opportunity to observe and evaluate the success of the implementation based on traction and feedback, and decide whether/how to extend the scope of this partnership, further on.


Given a successful implementation, as above, WalletChat team, together with the GoodDollar community and core team, will consider extending the usage of the widget to include functionality such as -

  • Token-gated groups for GoodDollar verified wallets, grouped by location
  • More advanced user support functionality, with the involvement of community ambassadors
  • The ability to mint POAPs / Celo NFTs from inside the interface, in order to assign roles to community members and grant them access to content channels
  • More, depending on need and priorities

Current stage

We have been discussing this proposal with GoodDollar core team since November, and have a pretty good understanding of what their main needs and vision for the GoodDollar dapp are. We believe that integrating WalletChat and adding social capabilities will bring one step closer towards the vision of it becoming a financial as well as a social hub, for any UBI-related activities. We are now seeking the community’s feedback, in order to ensure your support, and also to get input on how to make this even better.


To sum it all up, the outcomes from this collaboration and integration are -

  • Make the GoodDollar app social, thus initiating the next chapter in its ultimate vision
  • Increase engagement inside GoodDollar app, as well as time spent inside the app
  • Give the community a better and more visible space to engage
  • Set precedent for more social features, in the futures

Looks great! Hope to see this implemented and make it easy to communicate with just my wallet.

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This is a good development

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Excellent proposal, everything that is added to the goodswap web is welcome, it makes it more attractive and brings the communities closer to communicate easily, we only expect a section in Spanish, thanks for the efforts!! :+1:


In my case I love this website, i t is fun and functional, the new tabs with important updates will be attractive, Thank you.


I like this, looks useful to facilitate the transactions


I like this, looks useful to facilitate the transactions .Good Job


Any update on this? It has been a while since it was proposed

In my opinion giving voice to the community on the App & making it more social is a great way to go!!