Prevent scam artists from scamming

To prevent scam artists from scamming, we need some escrow style method of processing transactions in the GoodMarket Marketplace where funds are released to sellers when customer confirms receipts of good. Something like this is needed since it seems some of them are basically are trying to get their customers to directly send to their wallets. So it’s only a matter of time before they send to a “middle man wallet” that does not release funds to the seller until customer confirms receipt of goods or services etc.


Thank you for pin pointing this. Be rest assured the Core team are working on this already for V2 Gooddollar market place

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I expected something about it, since the creation of GoodDollar Marketplace - Compre y Venda Bienes y Servicios para G$ I have been scammed several times and reported anomalies and the publications still continue :handshake:

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Hi Erosmotri! We understand this issue happen kindly trade carefully while v2 will use best tools for optimization.:pray:


No problem, I always take precautions, I’m sure that over time the system will improve, thank you very much for responding!! :handshake: :muscle:

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