Proposal for GoodDollar (G$) to Add Cross-Chain Transfer Functionality Between FUSE and CELO Networks on GooddApp or $ Wallet

Dear GoodDollar Community,

As an active participant in G$ community, I would like to propose an exciting new cross-chain transfer feature for the GooddApp or G$ Wallet that will allow for the easy transfer of G$ tokens between the FUSE and CELO networks. This new feature will enable users to transfer G$ tokens seamlessly between the two networks, using their G$ Wallet addresses, providing a range of benefits to the community.

Here is how the cross-chain transfer process will work:

  1. Transfer G$ tokens from an address A on the FUSE network to an address B on the CELO network.
  2. A will pay a gas fee to send the G$ tokens to the G$ Treasury.
  3. B will receive the G$ tokens from the G$ Treasury after deducting a reserve fee, which is approximately 0.01% - 0.1% or a fixed amount of G$ (e.g., 20 G$).
  4. Similarly, if transferring G$ tokens from CELO to FUSE, the process will be the same but in reverse.


-Low Cost: This new feature will provide an inexpensive way for users to transfer G$ tokens between the FUSE and CELO networks, which will be a significant benefit for those who are looking to transfer tokens regularly between these networks.
-Increased Flexibility: The ability to transfer G$ tokens across different networks will provide users with greater flexibility in managing their assets. This will enable them to take advantage of opportunities that may arise on one network or the other, without having to worry about the friction that comes with cross-chain transfers.
-Reinforcement of G$'s Role: This new feature will reinforce the importance of G$ tokens as a means of payment between the FUSE and CELO networks. This will increase the usage and value of G$ tokens, providing more opportunities for growth within the GoodDollar community.
-Community Expansion: By adding cross-chain transfer functionality between the FUSE and CELO networks, the GoodDollar community will be able to expand its reach to a wider range of users. This expansion will bring new opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and growth within the GoodDollar ecosystem.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the proposed cross-chain transfer feature will provide significant benefits to the GoodDollar community. By enabling easy transfers of G$ tokens between the FUSE and CELO networks, we will increase flexibility, lower costs, reinforce the role of G$ tokens, and expand our community. I encourage the GoodDollar team to consider this proposal and take the necessary steps to implement it in the near future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,
P/S: This proposal is transated by ChatGPT


Hi @vnhero great proposal - thank you for taking the time to write and translate it using ChatGPT!

As part of the GIP 13 for the expansion, the Good Labs teams proposed the development a range of bridging options that would facilitate ease of use of G$ between Fuse & Celo.

@sirpy can you evaluate the proposal above as it relates to the proposed microbridge solutions and options?


Great news! @goodanna