Proposal In Making G$ A Means Of Payment For Haircut

In a bid to make gooddollar easily accessible and making G$ generally acceptable. I am suggesting we pay for the haircut of about 100 to 200 people. I have access to one or two barbers shop. We will create a big banner asking people to get a free haircut but first they have to download the gooddollar app and create an account. There will be copies of small fliers where brief introduction about gooddollar will be written on it.

After which their haircut will be paid for in gooddollar. On the flier will be my contact where they will be able to access me if they have questions regarding gooddollar. With this we are not just teaching them crypto, we are teaching them crypto using Gooddollar. They will also learn how to send and receive G$.

Subsequently they will be taught how to pay for services using G$. They will also get to pay for their other haircuts using G$.

With this we must have achieved a lot.

1 We would have had a merchant or two who accepts g$ as a means of payment

2 A lot of consumers who will use G$ as a means of payment

3 A lot of app users

4 A lot of newbies invited to crypto using Gooddollar


Estimated Budget is as Follows

1500n per haircut which is like 17,000 G$

Banners and fliers should be roughly 8,000n around 94,000 g$ depending on how many barbers shop I visit.

Transport should be around 12,000 g$ per day depending on how many number of days we runs the program for.

I suggest we run the program for 200-500 persons

Calculating for 500 persons, estimate of 8,500,000 g$. The team can decide numbers of persons but I believe we are trying to reach a large number of people. The more the better.

Haircut 8,500,000 g$

Banners an flier for 3 different barbers shop
282,000 g$

Transport 36,000 g$

Total 8,818,000 g$

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Hello friend, I think the proposal fits more in a great Funded by GoodDollar Grants, there you can apply and the team would evaluate the impact of your idea and the cost to finance your project

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sounds like an interesting idea.
see this proposal:

Hi @MAMQ01 @Meri_Fernandez

I love @Ewuoso idea and I’d nominate that we discuss this in an upcoming community call and a few ideas on how to fund initiatives like this.

What is the right forum to discuss this proposal vs. Ewuoso submitting a “final, official” proposal?


Where is the proper place to apply

I’ll write to you internally, if friend Oliver also has interesting ideas

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