Proposing a gooddollar grants / loans / bonds fund anyone can invest in for yields

I am proposing a gooddollar grants / loans / bonds fund.

I really hope gooddollar creates a way to let users invest in grants and or loans or bonds. The net interest income (profit left over from the interest charged to the borrower with some going to the lender as an incentive to lend and create that liquidity for the program) can go to the gooddollar trusts.

This can help produce yields when there is no means to produce yields especially in the crypto world when there is no cryptos to mine like bitcoin and peak mining has been reached. When that happens we also maintain g$ market growth when we offer bonds or grants that can help fund good opportunities. So my idea and suggestion also extends to bonds. Would be great to see a bond network. Maybe a bond fund anyone can deposit g$ in for yielded returns.

Ideally this can be a fund rather than a marketplace to even out risk. And anyone can donate to it, or invest in it for yields. As this can be a steady alternative to yield farms. And gooddollar can also invest in it as well. The net profits from this can help fund the gooddollar trusts.

Last note i like the idea of a g$ bond fund as risk is diversified evenly so its not so much a bond marketplace anyone can invest in for yields but rather one powerful fund bonds can be funded from and this can help stimulate growth in the g$ economy too.

I hope those that are for this can vote for this as this i think is the step to make a new opportunity to invest g$ for yields, as a new alternative to yield farming while producing yields that also does some good, growing the gooddollar economy with this mega fund!


have your “proposal” site up and running yet?..
…b’cos has already started “dusting” protocol …

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Perfect. Love this idea and concept.

Very interested. Idia so nice