Request for new and updated marketplace

Our new marketplace is broken. I have lost thousands of G$ in sales due to the marketplace not working well. I sugges that you replace the current marketplace with one that I am currently creating that is forum based and allows for feedback. I am modelling it after effective forum marketplaces such as

Here is the link: Home | Gooddollar (
This marketplace will be better because of the reasons below.

  1. It is easier to use.
  2. It works and has no bugs.
  3. It’s a proven system that has worked many times over.
  4. It currently costs G$ DAO nothing.
  5. It has been used by celebreties.
  6. It offers and optional escrow system and a way for moderators to make G$.
  7. It offers an easy to use feedback system.

I appreciate your idea and I agree that we definitely need a better marketplace.

I know the GoodDollar team is working on fixing the bugs and improving the marketplace, that’s why the new maketplace hasn’t been officially launched yet. I’m sure that our product lead @pedrosa.eth will appreciate your feedback and help on how we can make it better.

Also, in my opinion, more than one marketplace can exist in the ecosystem. We are sharping the GoodDollar Ecosystem together and the community can, and should have, initiatives like this too.

I don’t think this needs to develop into a proposal since there’s no funding or action from the DAO to do. But this forum is a good place to discuss this type of ideas as well, just under another category different that governance proposals.


I like your idea of making it a secondary market.

Thank you for launching this conversation here and sharing your idea. I agree with @Meri_Fernandez’s feedback above, and think having a separate category for marketplace in governance proposals can also foster more meaningful discussion about brining G$ marketplaces to life.

I especially like the escrow system, and look forward to seeing that implemented in a future version of a marketplace.


@nftartist2021 Good update for you! The Fuse-based NFT marketplace Artific has decided to integrate G$ as a payment token. So you can list and sell your NFTs directly in G$ on their platform.

This should be a better solution specifically for digital collectibles - they report it will go live in November or so.


Great! That is awesome!


I love that is very good news

NFT is the most valued market today, in good time! Excelent News. :handshake:

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A separate NFT marketplace is good. Thanks. But let’s be honest, selling jpegs isn’t the future of web3.

Please, let’s not lose focus on getting the broader GoodMarket(s) up and running. The success of GoodDollar stands on three pillars, and enabling real economic utility = circular economy is the most important of those. We absolutely have to enable circular economics and build trust in G$ as a medium of exchange. That’s done by creating more marketplaces that work. Selling and buying phone minutes is a great example with real utility. Unfortunately what should be the flagship marketplace ( is in a sad state. I would love to see some dev activity there.

The GoodMicroGrants project incentivizes circular economies (specifically: payments using the escrow contract, like GoodMarket does). If the marketplace doesn’t work well then the ability for entrepreneurs to benefit from these grants is significantly limited.

  • Is there anyone in the community that would step up and volunteer to improve the marketplace?
  • Or could we look to partner with a third party marketplace that has developers working to continuously improving on it?
  • Or sell / outsource the marketplace to some entity that would benefit from our user base? Why? The GoodDAO should be in the business of encouraging many markets to be developed, not spend money on (poorly) maintaining one site.
  • Let’s then advertise ALL the G$ marketplaces front and center on the website. I looked for the link there today and couldn’t even find it after looking around for well over a minute. I still don’t know if it’s buried there somewhere.

(FYI: segmented UBI is the second growth pillar, and added liquidity + staking from multichain expansion is the third, IMHO)

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