The Community Steward Treasury

Since we are launching our GoodDAO governance procedure, it’s the time to start experimenting with Community Treasury, a transparent on-chain vault, funded initially by GoodDAO LC, eToro or whatever other sponsor that want to donate to the cause of having a dedicated budget aimed to serve our Community from the Community. This means, that the GoodDAO will be able to propose how to make use of these funds, however it will have no direct ownership over it, but only a selected group of Stewards.

To the date, only @sirpy and myself are the signers of this contract, but we are planning to include other dedicated and reputated members from the community, who will be chosen via the GoodDAO governance procedure. In the meanwhile, and while we find a proper Community use of this treasury, the signers of this contract might decide to make the best use of this money as long it’s purposed to maximize the value towards the GoodDAO community.

In case you want to become a steward of our community treasury, please reply to this post including:

  • Name and country of residence
  • When did you joined GoodDollar Community and what have you done for our project?
  • Why would you like to become an steward of our Community Treasury multisig?

Once we have a decent numbers of applications, we will launch a GoodDAO vote in order to decide who will be the signers of this contract.


Hola Gustavo, mi nombre es Oliver Montes. ¿Cuáles son los requisitos mínimos de conocimiento del mundo “cripto” que pudieran ser exigibles para tal responsabilidad?


@josead11 @oliver75montes thanks for your contributions! let’s try to keep this in english tho!

Oliver, technical knowledge is not a a big barrier, stewards would only need to know how to use metamask (and keep it secure!!!) and get familiarized wth the gnosis-safe app.

gracias a ambos, entiendo que el inglés pueda ser una barrera, pero como somos una comunidad global, tratemos de usarlo ( ayuda bastante).

Oliver, los conocimientos técnicos son muy bajos, solo hace falta saber usar metamask (y mantenerlo seguro!!!) e irse familiarizando con la app de gnosis safe.

Jose, gracias por postularte! Lo quisieras hacer en Inglés por favor??


Salvador Pérez Sempere desde España
Estoy desde los inicios cuando era aún un experimento. Participo en la L/P FUSE/G$, he tenido la ocasión de presentar el G$ en algunas charlas en la Universidad y en otros foros, formo parte de un grupo local (pequeño) de usuarios que hacemos transacciones en base a actividades offline, no se…muchas cosas.
Me apetece ser stewrds para involucrarme más aún si cabe en la construcción de este ecosistema transformador.

Salvador Perez Sempere from Spain
I am from the beginning of Gooddollar when it was still an experiment. I participate in the L/P FUSE/G$, I have had the opportunity to present the G$ in some talks at the University and in other forums, I am part of a (small) local group of users who make transactions based on offline activities I don’t know…a lot of things.
I want to be stewards to get even more involved in the construction of this transformative ecosystem.


Name Joseph
Country: MEXICO
Enter GoodDollar ago. about 8 months
What have I done for the project?
Promote it and be active as much as I can on social networks so that more and more people know about this great project.
Because I would like to be a butler.
to take care of the interests of gooddollar for the community because if we all take care of this it will be great and we will all benefit from being better people helping and helping each other everything is better


Name: Enrique
Country of residence: Spain
I started whith Gooddolar 1 year and 3 months ago. I promoted the project in social networks and whith my work collegues. I participated in the LP FUSE/G$ snd now I’m staking for GOOD. I also offer violín lessons for G$.
I want to become a steward of our Community Treasury because I want to be more involved whith the GoodDollar project and I looking for the defense of the comunity interest

Thank you!


What’s up with this topic? It’s been a long time since somebody said anything. Nobody else wants to participate?

Thank you

thanks @Goodeconomy to bring this back again!

After seeing the flow of candidates, I’d like to suggest to move forward and target to select 3 new stewards, so let’s target to leave this thread open at least for one more week and then we agree on how to perform the voting poll.

Regarding the candidates, it’s my personal intuition that recently elected community members @josead11 and @MAMQ01 should remain out of this stewardship election and leave room for participation from the broader community, while we don´t add mixed responsibilities to the same people.

I do stand for @voroperez and @Goodeconomy candidacies, in my own view, we still need at least one further candidate.


hey @Goodeconomy please take a look at Voro’s GIP for his candidacy for this role.

I suggest you and others to do the same.

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Hi everyone!

Jessica Salama, from the U.S (currently)/Israel/Bolivia

Currently serving as Community Lead, I joined GoodDollar in April 2020 to set up marketing and comms, and haven’t looked back since! Awesome to see this communtiy grow to 70,000 active claimers a day. I’ve worked on GoodDollar community marketing from the beta wallet pre-launch phase to now, ushering in the GoodDAO.

I nominate myself to be a steward of our Community Treasury multisig because I care about this community deeply and want to be as involved as I can. I am a signer of the Ambassador multisig and have the basic tech skills necessary to be a steward here. Also, diversity and inclusion are important to me, and there should be at least one woman in the group!


I fully support you! Thanks for your candidacy